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Important Tips For Bathroom Remodeling And Construction

Kid’s bathrooms are unlike any other place in the house. They tend to be very dirty and very well used. A bathroom that is shared by girls will likely have lots of things, like hair dryers and curlers, plugged in. A bathroom shared by boys will likely be more dirty than one shared by girls. When you are remodeling and constructing a kid’s bathroom, there are important things to be aware of.

First, know how kids use the toilet. Low flow, low flushing power toilets, are probably not the best for a kid’s bathroom. Kids can really use a lot of toilet paper, and do a lot of business, so there needs to be a toilet that can handle a high level of activity.

Also, kids need something that is easy to clean. Keep the granite and glass counter tops with specialized spouts for the mater bathroom. In a kids bathroom make sure the floor, tub, and sink can all be cleaned with one cleaner, and can be sanitized on a regular basis. Make sure that the fixtures don’t have a lot of nooks and crannies where dust and germs can settle, because those will not get cleaned well.

Lastly, remember kid’s bathrooms need to have fixtures anchored well. This means the toilet paper roller and any bars for towels need to be securely anchored because they are going to get pulled on. This also goes for shower rods or doors. Make sure everything is in the wall nice and tight so it cannot come out.

Have fun, and let the kids help pick the colors, and then you will have a great kid’s bathroom.