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Tips For Your Custom Cabinet Installation

Custom cabinets and garage don’t normally go together. When most people think of custom cabinets they think of the kitchen. But the truth is, the garage can use custom cabinets as well.

Think of all the space you are wasting in your garage if you only store things on the ground. You can go up, and use the walls, if you have custom cabinets. If you have custom cabinets you can store things off the ground, and away from rodents and other bugs. Cabinets can help keep important things free of the dirt and grime that comes into a garage.

So where do you start with custom cabinets in a garage? The same place as everywhere else - with measuring. Measure the spaces you want to put cabinets and decide if they are gong to be floor to ceiling cabinets or if they are going to be cabinets that are off the floor and wall anchored. Then take measurements.

Once the measurements are taken, go start to look at cabinets. Hardware stores and cabinet stores have special cabinets for garages. Take a look at what they have to offer. Then pick you type, order the cabinets and wait for them to come and be installed.

That is how you work with custom cabinets in your garage.