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Tips For Having A Carpet Contractor Install Your Carpet In Your Home

Having brand new carpet under your feet can be a real thrill for a homeowner, but having a crew of carpet installing contractors underfoot can be rather inconvenient and annoying. That’s why it is a good idea to plan ahead to avoid problems, facilitate a fast professional installation, and make life easier for you, your family, and your contractors.

Start by vacuuming your old carpet, if there is carpet already on your floor. That may same silly since you are tossing it out, but if you yank up old carpet that has not been vacuumed it will send a cloud of dust into your room – so vacuum first to avoid the mess. You will also want to clear all the furniture and other items out of the way so that the installers can get right to work and finish fast. Store items in the garage or in a spare room if possible, to make room for your new carpet.

Once the carpet arrives, save all your receipts and warranties in one envelope or file so you can easily find them if needed. Be sure that the label on the carpet, the color, and the content or fabric is exactly what you ordered. Sometimes rolled carpet can get mixed-up on the loading dock and you want to make sure it’s the right one before it gets tacked down in your house. Make sure the installation is snug, taut, and not wrinkled or crooked – and then kick off your shoes and enjoy the experience of new carpet.