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Quick Tips On How To Repair Drywall And Gypsum Board

So you have a crack in your drywall and need to repair it? Here are some quick tips to get you started.

First, is the problem in the drywall or in the spackling? If it is in the spackling, maybe you only have to re-spackle. If it is in the drywall you are going to have to repair the drywall.

Second, consider the size of the repair. If it is just a nail hole, consider using a putty to fill it in. If it is a problem with the size of the drywall, you cut it too small, or the dry wall has cracked, those are going to be bigger repairs.

Third, check if mesh repairs will do the trick. One way to repair drywall is to use mesh as a base for spackling. This means you put mesh over the hole or crack, and secure the mesh down. After that is completed, you put spackling over the mesh. The mesh ensures the spackling will stay put over the hole and have something to attach to. Let the spackling dry completely before putting on another coat.

These are all great tips for fixing drywall problems after the dry wall is already in place. If you have a problem with the drywall before you put it up, consider getting new drywall. Something that is damaged when you put it in place will always be damaged, and you might have to disclose that you know about drywall damage when you are ready to sell the house. It is worth it to get new drywall and save yourself the hassle.

These are some quick tips on how to repair drywall.