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Tips To Correctly Install Drywall

Drywall is a very common thing for people to install on their own. Here are some tips to help you correctly install drywall.

First, make sure you have the right tools. If you do not have them, tools to install drywall are relatively inexpensive. Do not attempt to install drywall without the right tools.

Second, make certain the surface has been properly prepared. This means that you need a flat surface to install the drywall in. If the surface is not flat, you need to make it flat before proceeding.

Third, use the right fasteners. This means skipping the glue or nails and using drywall screws. Nails can eventually lead to sagging or bending as they will, eventually, sag out of the frame. Drywall screws do not have that problem, and are just as easy to use as drywall nails.

Fourth, make sure to cover the joints. This means both the inside joints, like corners, and outside edges of drywall. These joints need to be covered before spackling.

Once you have installed the drywall, and covered the joints, you are ready to spackle the drywall and get ready to paint.

Drywall installation is not that difficult, it is simply important to pay attention to details and do it right the first time.