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When To Consider Upgrading Your Panel Box & Electrical Wiring

Upgrading of your panel box or electrical wiring should be done whenever you add additional loads to your circuit breakers or other electrical system components, because without that kind of panel box and electrical wiring improvement you can have a system failure, accident, or even a catastrophic fire. You will also need to do that kind of renovation of your electrical system if the existing system is outdated.

There are many vintage homes being bought and sold these days, for example, but they still have antique wiring in them including such dinosaur systems as “knob and tube” electrical wiring. Those can torpedo a sale for a homeowner when the house inspector comes around and writes a negative report, and they can also make it impossible for the new homeowner or buyer to acquire homeowner’s insurance. That’s because old wiring represents a fire hazard and a liability for residents who could be accidentally electrocuted.

But in this day and age – when there are so many power-guzzling devices, gadgets, and business or home technologies – it is also important to consider upgrades to put your sensitive computer or home theatre equipment on a separate breaker, or to add a panel box circuit for your fridge or electric stove. Consult a local electrician for tips and advice about when to upgrade, and ensure the safety and performance of your panel box and electrical wiring.