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Tips For Understanding Concrete Foundation Repair Work

Here are a few tips to help you understand concrete foundation repair work as a homeowner or consumer:

  • Since the foundation is the structural basis for the whole building, the foundation is in many ways the most important part of any structure. Make a mistake doing concrete foundation repairs, in other words, and you can actually destroy the whole house or building.
  • But do a first-rate foundation repair – using exactly the right chemical mixture of concrete – and it is possible to ensure that the building lasts for decades with no recurring foundation problems.
  • Fixing a concrete foundation may require raising or jacking up the house to gain access to the concrete pad underneath, and this is a delicate job best done by experienced pros.
  • Other types of concrete foundations are in the bottom of a basement, and to repair them may require excavation of soil down underneath the basement – which adds to the cost and complexity of the repair.

Before embarking on the repair of a concrete foundation – especially if it is a serious repair of cracks, voids, or other major problems – it is advisable to consult a structural engineer. He or she can evaluate the problem and validate the solution proposed by your foundation repair contractor so that the work complies with building and safety codes and rules.