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Home Security Signs And Stickers To Ward Off Criminals

Criminals and burglars know that the easy target is the one that is unprotected. That applies to the defenseless and vulnerable person walking down a dark alley late at night and it also means that bad guys avoid houses and apartments that have security systems on the premises.

Statistics even show that houses that have home security yard signs, window decals, or other kinds of visible and conspicuous warnings that the property is guarded by an alarm system are generally safer. Even though they are not even sure whether there is actually a system wired into the house with a pass code keypad by the entryway, criminals don’t bother to hang around and investigate. They just move on down the street or out of the neighborhood in search of a home that is not monitored or protected.

That’s why if you have an alarm system installed in your home you should also be sure to put the visual clues around the house to put would-be burglars on notice. Having window decals, for example, can be the difference between a violent incident and a peaceful non-event. Plus, if you have visible and unique looking home security signs those may aid responders trying to locate your address when called to a fire, medical emergency, or 9-1-1 police alert.