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Moving Services: Moving Tips From Companies

Before you sign the paperwork to hire the services of your professional mover, follow a few expert tips suggested by moving companies in and around .

  • Get everything in writing. If they are going to move your belongings, find out if that includes packing fees and whether or not they wrap and drape your furniture in protective coverings – or just move it unprotected which could result in dings and scratches.
  • Find out exactly when the movers are arriving, and what exactly they want you to do in terms of packing in order to prepare for their arrival. Otherwise they might wind up standing around as you pack, or charging you overtime because things are not ready to move.
  • Ask what happens if everything does not fit into the moving truck. Do you have to pay for storage? Better yet, get a written guarantee that the mover will provide adequate resources to do the entire move all at once, with no delays or logistical problems.
  • Last but not least, verify your mover’s professional credentials, insurance policies, and references to be sure they are real pros.

Doing so will help you to make your life much easier because you’ll know what to expect of your movers and you’ll be reassured that you are getting exactly what you paid for without any unwanted surprises or extra hidden fees.