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Create An Innovative Look With A Textured Paint Job

One way to really express yourself through the décor of your home – without spending an exorbitant amount of money to redecorate or refurnish it – is to hire a creative painter to do a textured paint job within one or more rooms. Texture adds interest, depth, and an undated aesthetic, and achieving that with paint and a few tricks of the faux painter’s trade is easy, quick, and relatively inexpensive. You can change the whole mood of a space in a single day with textured paint, in fact, and there are also a variety of choices in terms of the intensity, pattern, or depth of the texture.

Some techniques involve painting directly over a strategically textured surface that has been treated with paper, sand, or other ordinary materials in order to build up a real texture against the surface of the wall or ceiling. Or you can blend paints in special ways to add texture to the liquid pigment.

You can also create texture that is purely visual. In other words you can capture the illusion of texture without actually using a textured substance. A talented painter knows how to juxtapose different colors, lines, or geometric patterns, for example, so that looking at the painted wall you see texture – even though it may not actually be there in a tactile or physical sense. Consult a creative painter for more ideas about how to give your home a striking, attractive, innovative look with little more than ordinary house paint and a really skillful and talented interior painting contractor.