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Pest Control, Extermination, And Fumigation

Pests like termites, carpenter ants, mice, and other unwanted bugs or critters can destroy your home while also posing a health risk because some of them – like rats and mice – also carry diseases. But a certified pest control specialist can help rid your home and property of these pests through preventive controls, extermination, or fumigation.

Fumigation is used, for example, if you house is infested with fleas or termites and they are getting out of control. The pest control company may seal off a room or even erect a gigantic tent that covers your entire house. Then they fill that enclosed area with smoke and chemicals that eradicate and exterminate the pests and ensure that they won’t return for a re-infestation.

Control measures can also be implemented to protect you from getting pests in the first place. These include bait traps strategically located so that pests will be caught or poisoned without posing a threat to your health or the health of your pets. Sprayed chemicals can likewise be applied to guard the foundation, cross beams, and other vulnerable sections of the home from being attacked by termites and other detrimental and destructive pests.

Pest control contractors should visit your home at least once a year, during which time they will inspect under the house and elsewhere for signs of pests. They can then treat the house for preventative maintenance, and if necessary deploy measures like fumigation to exterminate any colonies or infestations of harmful pests before they do damage to your home.