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The Repair And Installation Of Sewer Mains

A drainage system is an absolute necessity for every home. This is known as the sewer main which is a pipe that connects the house plumbing system to the main sewer usually located underneath the sidewalk outside of a house. Sometimes it’s necessary to get to the pipe if there’s a leak or time to replace the old one.

Though installing or repairing a sewer main from your house to the main sewer line can be labor intensive, you will succeed in doing this by following these steps:

  1. Understand where to place the pipe connecting your house to the main sewer line.
  2. Select the kind of pipe you will use. A cast iron pipe is the most durable but you may also use a clay or plastic pipe.
  3. Make sure you know the distance between the house sewer and the main sewer before work begins.
  4. Excavate a hole leading from your house to the main sewer. This will require supervision from an authorized professional from the city government.
  5. Place the pipe you’re inserting at a 45 degree angle from your home’s sewer to the ain sewer.
  6. Carefully cut a small hole on the main sewer at the point where the pipe you’re inserting will connect and cement the pipe with the main sewer line into place.
  7. If soil underneath the ground is wet, it may be necessary to also install a wooden platform for support.
Further tips:
  • Always make sure the main sewer line is well below the house main line.
  • Know the type of soil you’re working with. If soil is sandy or soft, then the pipe will need support.