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The Pros And Cons Of Metal Siding

Metal sidings can be made of steel or aluminum. Steel siding, especially seamless steel, can be cut to any length to continuously cover each exterior wall of your home. It is beautiful, durable and fire resistant. Steel will not rot or blister.

Aluminum siding is also beautiful, durable and fire resistant. It won’t rot or blister. All metal sidings are impervious to termites and other wood-boring insects.

Simple hosing down each spring is all the maintenance necessary for any metal siding. If it is especially dirty, a mild non-abrasive detergent will work wonders. Metal sidings will last several years if they are maintained properly. Many manufacturers offer 20 – 40 year warranties against defects.

Aluminum siding can be installed relatively easily by the do-it-yourselfer enthusiast, but steel siding that is seamless is large and bulky. It is cut on-site to fit and therefore should be left to the professionals.

Metal sidings are not good insulators. They tend to easily absorb air temperature and are sometimes sun faded and chalky in appearance.

Metal siding is inexpensive when compared to many other sidings. It can be recycled which gives it a “green” category by recyclability standards.

All in all, metal sidings can be a versatile option for exterior siding choices.