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Feel Safe When Switching To A Solar Electric System

The relative safety of a solar electric system is primarily a function of the type of system you choose. Space-based solar power is more efficient because it uses solar panels located on a satellite to collect the sun’s rays outside the earth’s atmosphere, thereby avoiding the significant loss of energy that takes place with solar panels that absorb the sun’s rays directly. However, there is some concern about safety issues because the energy is transmitted with microwave technology. While the intensity of the beams clearly falls within current OSHA standards and many scientists have said this type of system is safe, homeowners who are particularly concerned might feel better choosing a traditional solar electric system instead. However, for those who want the greater efficiency of a space-based system, there are ways to minimize exposure to the beams by the way the system is installed. Very specific types of antennae can also be helpful. Doing the necessary research and working with a contractor with recognized expertise in this area can help homeowners make an educated decision about what kind of solar electric system to choose and ensure that it is installed with a careful eye toward safety.