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How To Choose A Swimming Pool, Spa, And Hot Tub

The decision to install a swimming pool at your home is the launching pad for a host of other decisions that must be made before the digging equipment arrives. First, consider how you plan to use the pool. If some family members like to exercise by swimming laps, a long, rectangular shape will be better than a pool with a more exotic design, for example. The type of material used in today’s pools also varies. Traditional concrete pools typically are less expensive than those made of fiberglass, but they are harder to clean and maintain. Your climate might also be a factor. In colder climates, vinyl-lined pools are a good choice because they’re easy to winterize and hold up well under harsh winter conditions.

Many similar considerations go into the decision to buy a hot tub or spa. Wooden hot tubs work well aesthetically with more rustic-style homes, but they are harder to maintain and don’t offer the more comfortable molded seating available with vinyl or fiberglass tubs. Also consider how many people will use the spa simultaneously. If only two people will typically use it, why spend more money to buy and heat a six-person unit?