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When To Remodel Your Swimming Pool

Having a backyard swimming pool can be a wonderful asset, but only if it functions properly and meets your family’s needs. If your pool is older and showing signs of wear, or even if you just want something different, remodeling an existing pool is a good option.

When an older pool begins to crack and leak, consider doing a more extensive remodeling job rather than just a repair. Perhaps your children are teenagers now and would enjoy having a diving board, but the pool is too shallow. Now would be a good time to have your contractor remedy that. If your home is contemporary in design, but the pool is an old fashioned rectangular concrete model, consider how much a modern fiberglass or vinyl pool with a curved shape and a swim-up bar would enhance the appearance and value of your property. Maybe you’ve enlarged and remodeled your house, and your pool no longer fits well with the overall appearance of your home, or your neighbors have upgraded their pools, making yours stand out because it doesn’t measure up to the neighborhood’s new standards.

Be aware, however, that extensively remodeling a pool can be as expensive as building a new one, so be sure to work with a reputable contractor who will give you great value for your money.