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Tile Maintenance And Repair

Tile can be a beautiful addition to a home’s floor or walls, and it’s also a very easy surface to maintain. The primary maintenance tool is very simple – water. Cleaning tile on a regular basis with warm water and a mild cleaning solution will avoid stains that might be difficult to remove later, and a good grout brush will help you keep the areas between the tiles clean. If the grout becomes very dirty, hardware and home improvement stores sell special cleaning products that work very well. It’s also important not to scrub tile with a rough brush or a gritty cleanser because it will scratch the surface.

When installing new tile, be sure to keep a few extra pieces in case you need to replace one later. It’s almost impossible to find an exact match even if you’re able to find the same brand and color.

To replace a broken or cracked tile, begin by digging out the grout around it with a utility knife. Be careful not to dig into the underlying drywall, but if the drywall does get damaged, repair it before proceeding further or it will be difficult to get the new tile to adhere properly. If you have difficulty removing the old piece of tile, try breaking it apart with a hammer and carefully removing the broken pieces individually.