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Enhance Your Home By Installing Ceramic And Porcelain Tile

Installing ceramic or porcelain tile can make an enormous difference in the appearance of a room. Wall tile can immediately transform the appearance of a bathroom, especially if you use carefully-selected accent pieces such as a border or tiles of a different design spaced appealingly throughout the wall. Adding tile to a kitchen wall not only enhances the room’s appearance, but placing it behind a stove or sink provides a surface that is much easier to clean than paint or wallpaper. Redecorating an entranceway or foyer with ceramic or porcelain tile welcomes visitors and eliminates the need for frequent carpet cleanings when family and friends come in with wet or muddy shoes.

If you’re considering installing tile in any room of your house, be sure the subfloor is strong enough to handle the extra weight because some tiles are extremely heavy. For best results, install your tile directly onto concrete, mortar, or cement board. Tile installed directly onto wood can crack when the wood naturally expands and contracts, and it is difficult to get tile to adhere properly to a vinyl surface. Whatever surface you use, be sure it’s completely level, flat, and free of dust, wax, grease and debris.