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Tips For Handling Wood, Brick, And Other Wall Repairs

If your wood wall has sustained damage, it’s possible to repair it without calling in a professional. For small jobs, buy a good-quality wood filler. If the wood surface is course, a plastic wood dough will do the trick, but latex wood filler or water-based putty are best for more delicate repairs. Fill small blemishes in stained wood with a matching furniture-wax stick.

Brick walls that have begun to crack or crumble should be repaired immediately. Otherwise moisture will creep in, significantly weakening the wall. Begin by removing the mortar around the damaged brick with a hammer and chisel, being careful to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying bits of mortar. Chip the brick with your chisel until it can be removed, then chisel out the remaining mortar, brush the area and dampen it with water before inserting the new brick.

Plaster walls are the easiest to repair, particularly if the holes are relatively small. For best results, fill the crack or hole completely with plaster patching material and use a putty knife to smooth out the surface as much as possible. After the patch has dried for at least 24 hours, any remaining bumps can be smoothed out with fine sandpaper.