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Why Storm Windows Are A Good Choice For Your Home

Almost everyone is interested in improving the energy efficiency of their homes to save money and help the environment, but not everyone has the budget to do a complete window replacement. For those people, adding storm windows can be an excellent alternative. Storm windows do a good job of keeping out hot or cold temperatures, but at a fraction of the price of entirely new windows.

Storm windows are available in a wide variety of styles. For families on a smaller budget, plastic sheets or films might be the answer. They only last for one season, but they can make a difference in the amount of air that comes in through your windows for a very small investment. For homeowners with more money to spend, glass with triple thickness might be a good option, and one that will last for many years.

When choosing storm windows, give preference to the type that are installed on the inside of the window rather than the outside. They’re easier to install and remove – many simply slide up a groove in the window frame when winter is over and it’s time to open the windows again – and they have a longer life because they’re not exposed to the elements.