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Tips For Working With Interior Crown Moldings, Base Molding, Window Trim, And Custom Moldings

Interior moldings – they are the finishing touch to most rooms. Whether they are interior crown moldings, base moldings, window trims, or some other sort of custom molding; interior moldings finish a room.

There are several tips for working with interior moldings. First, make sure you have the right size. Nothing is worse than measuring, or thinking you measured, then buying the moldings and coming home to realize you measured incorrectly. When you are measuring for moldings remember, that at the corners, you either have to allow room for both sides to come together, or you need to measure with enough removed for the one molding to lay flat against the other. This is especially true on interior corners with baseboards. Exterior corners (those pointing out) need to be measured, keeping in mind that the molding has to extend beyond the edges of the wall to meet with the other moldings.

Keep in mind what kind of adhesive your molding needs. Most moldings are put on with some sort of epoxy or nails. If you are going to use an epoxy, make sure you have the right one, and the right materials to make the two sets of materials stick together. If you are using a nail gun, make sure the right length of nail is in, and that you have putty you can use to smooth over any mistakes.

Lastly, keep in mind the style of your home when choosing a molding. Fancy moldings look strange in an ultra-modern house, and plain moldings may look out of place in a decedent room.

Moldings can help finish a room, and are often the final touches on a room. So keep these tips in mind when working with moldings.