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Choosing Your New Landscape With Your Landscaping Designer

So you hired a landscaping designer and now you need to choose your landscape. Most landscaping designers, and homeowners, have something they are already looking for. So communicate what you are looking for, and the purpose of your landscape, to your designer.

A landscape for kids to play in will look very different from a landscape for an older couple, no kids, who want to feel like they are in the forest when they are in their yard. A landscape for someone who wants a negative edge pool is going to look very different from a landscape for someone who wants a more traditional pool and spa combination. All of these are the purposes of your landscape, and the landscaping designer needs to know these to help choose your new landscape.

Be realistic about the time you are willing to put into maintenance. If you are not willing to put a lot of time in, then the landscaping designer might use more ground cover, like bark or stones, than they would use flowers and other things that need to be weeded and pruned. If you are willing to put in the work, tell your landscaping designer that. Do not choose roses if you do not want to put in the effort to keep them up. The landscape will only continue to look as good as it does at first if you are putting the work into maintaining it.

Make the choices work for you. The landscaping designer is a professional that you hired to work for you. So make the choices together, but make sure they work for you.