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Improve The Appearance Of Your Home With A Window Cleaning

When another harsh winter comes to a close, do you still have trouble seeing the spring sunshine because your windows are so dirty? Cleaning their windows isn’t a job many people look forward to, but making the time and effort can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home.

The easiest way to proceed is to simply pick up the phone and call a professional window cleaning company to get the job done quickly and easily, but that option isn’t in every household budget. If you’ll be doing the job yourself, you might set aside an entire day to get it off your to-do list, or breaking the chore into manageable pieces by cleaning a few windows each day.

Once you’ve committed to cleaning your windows, do it right. Mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid into a bucket of clean, warm water. Be careful not to use too much to eliminate excessive suds. Wash the window with a sponge, then run a squeegee over it to remove excess water, wiping the blade clean with a lint-free cloth after each swipe. Finally, wipe the surface dry with a chamois, then sit back and enjoy the view. Your home will gleam from the outside and give you a clean, bright view from indoors.