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Sunrooms And Solariums

Technically, a solarium is generally considered to be a room that is built into the roofline of a house while a sunroom can be added on and often has its own roof made of glass. In either form, they can be a wonderful asset that brings an outdoor feeling inside in all seasons and weather conditions. A sunroom enables its owner to enjoy the beauty of nature, including rain and snow, while relaxing in a dry, climate-controlled environment.

If you’re considering adding a sunroom, its location and style should be partially determined by the climate in which you live. In cooler areas, it’s best to have a southern exposure, but homeowners living in southern states where afternoon temperatures can be blistering might opt for sunroom that faces north. If you live in a cold climate, including a heat source will make the room more comfortable during the winter.

In any case, be certain to check with your neighborhood association or local authorities before getting too far into the process. A building permit will almost certainly be necessary, so don’t spend a dime until you’re certain you have the necessary legal permissions.